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Please support our organization and our fight for our faith, our members, the truth, defense of those who cannot defend themselves.

Our Church has paid over $2,000,000,000.00 to settle frivilous lawsuits resulting in serious financial harm to our benevolent services. After centuries in service of God's people, the true ministers of the Catholic faith have come under relentless fire in recent decades, forced to defend an unimaginable battery of baseless claims. At Victims of Children, we stand together in defense of
ithese innoncent priests of our church whos lives are senselessly destroyed, in a quest for riches, driven by greedy attorneys and those who have turned their backs to God and the church, and at the expense of fellow Catholics.
Children Victimizing Our Priests
Protecting Our Own
Priests are the real victims. When claims arose over time, the Church always investigated them and took appropriate action, which was usually no action, because no wrongdoing had had been found to have occurred. The Church has fair means, so right or wrong, prosecutable or not, these lost sheep have come back to the flock rabid and looking for blood.
The problem is great and terrible, and by ourselves we can do little. We do not have great means, nor influential contacts, but if we stand together we may overcome this trial He has placed before us. To surrender once faced with such an obstacle would be a violation of our oath, so it is our obligation unto God to fight for what we know to be right and true.
Accused? We'll Fight For You
Join Us to Fight For Whats Right!
If you are a clergyman who has faced allegations of sexual wrong doing (molestation, rape, lewd behavior, sodomy, pandering, soliciting, etc.), we have many services available to aid you in this, your hour of greatest need.
If you understand our plight and wish to join hands with us across the world in a peaceful show of solidarity, we welcome you into our fold. There are many ways you can help.

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